Dare me!

This time I was an Engineer trapped in the body of a Writer... and I enjoyed it!

This is the Aoka Mizu...it means Blue Water in Japanese...

and... locally called as the POC

So... I am the POA for the POB of the POC

and I didn't leave...now...


If I had a sheep...

I wonder if doing laundry is so annoying for the rest of the people as for me...
well, doing it is not that big a deal considering the machine does everything for you... Or, almost everything I'd say. You still have to set the program and the temperature and all... Right?

And the worst is the hanging part, isn't it? Ok. Now that we all agree on that...
Isn't it even worse when you find out that you set the wrong temperature when, let's say...you were washing some wool?!!

I loved my sweater... Now I have this: a present for a 5-9 years old girl who likes pink!

I think sheep is a beautiful animal... I've always wanted to hug one... But if I had a sheep... If I had a sheep, just out of curiosity, I'd wash it with warm water just to see what happens to its fur!

Dutch Loss

Dutch massacre!

... "Drop dead"


Who was first??

Some musicians are inspired by literature...

My literature is inspired by music...

If some of my writings are inspired by some music which is inspired by writings...then

Am I my own source of inspiration??

Music is a language

Language makes a sound

Sound makes music

Words make songs

Words make writings

Writing makes language

Language makes culture

Culture makes art


What a delight...

One day my writing will become music


Parrilla ya! BBQ now!

En parrillera desmerilada! Venezuela en pleno... Y una de la hermana república de Colombia!