A six words worth facebook status

I wrote 50k words in 30d.
Then I wrote a six-word memoir:
"There is never a happy ending"
I got a comment on it.
It's from someone I don't know.
In more than 6 it said:
"So sad and jaded for one so young and somewhat pretty".
The stranger's net name is Spaceghost.
Curiosity on his comment I felt.
I went to check his memoirs.
Spaceghost had written just one memoir: 
"Dad, I miss you! Love Lucifer"
I'd make it a facebook status. 
But the story was too long.
Finally I decided to solve it.
I'd make another six word memoir:

"Jaded? Young? Always.
But...Somewhat pretty?!"


Amaranth Celosia

If I was to become a flower, I’d choose to be a mixture of an Amaranth with a Celosia:
Amaranth because it avoids itself from vanishing;
And Celosia because, although simple, needs moisture from the ground where it lays.