Unlimited Delicious

This is my Valentine's summary:

Breakfast menu:
Fresh OJ. Champagne. Choco bread. Raisin bread. Cheese from Ciney. Cheese with nuts. Brie. Bacon. Eggs. Moroccan Herbs Tea
My thought --> who needs a boyfriend when you have friends that make this for you?!

Lunch menu:
Knien de Meestreechse weis, met appelmoos en friete --> Which is Limburgs for Konijn à la Maastricht --> Wich is Dutch for Rabbit the Maastricht way --> which is English for Conejo a la manera de Maastricht.

My thought--> God bless Limburg!

Dinner menu:
Ride back home eating M&M's and sweet corn.
My thought--> How come I didn't get any flower today?

Opened the door. Checked my mailbox and found this:

I didn't think. I just smiled.

Then I went to my email inbox and found this:

"Los que padecéis porque amáis: amad más todavía; morir de amor es vivir"  --> which is Spanish for "Those who are suffering because you love: love more. To die for love is life" - Victor Hugo

My thought --> Happy Valentine's Day.


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