Picture taken @ Theater Perdu backstage for the show 'Stories from Home'. Amsterdam 08/05/2010
Dear Amigos!

Like every Wednesday here I am to offer you the recipe of the week.

Oh! I looooove spring! Don’t chu all?
The kids are playing, the flowers are awaking and the sun is smiling.

I remember back in the days where I used to live in the ETERNAL spring of 25 degrees EACH day…ALL.YEAR.LONG!
I may not have seen many flowers back then, but I used to play a lot.

And with playing came of cooooourse, the sweating, and with the sweating came the thirst…and: THANK GOD it also came Grandma along cos she used to make the best lemonades ever!

She used to sing and shake her salsa booty in such a waaaay…that could even get 'honey' out of each lemon she pressed.

She would stop her choreography and singing every now and then to look at me while drawing and ask me “What’s the coloooor of mi voice?”

Mmm, yes. My Abuelita would make me special colored lemonade each time I felt I wanted to color the day.

“If life gives you lemons…YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE: lemonade” that’s right. That’s what people say. But granny used to add while grabbing my cheeks “don’t forget to give a color back to life each day:  strawberries for red, mint for green, mangoes for yellow…” and my ALL TIME favorite… “grenadine for pink”.
Then pouring ONE, ONE litter of fresh water per half a dozen of lemons; and after adding a lot of ice she’d continue by saying “there’s always an easy way of making ice…but the real secret lies in knowing how to break it!”

And finally while crushing and crushing the ice into little pieces she’d always, and there is no discussion with always, right?, finish with this line:

“If Heaven gives you rain, make a rainbow colored lemonade and you’ll fade the drops away!”


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Eileen said...

Mi pequechurri!!!!!!!!! No puedo creer que no haya videos de esto???? (8) Si del cielo te caen limones aprende a hacer limonada(8)