A lot of people complain about 2010 and they want it to end fast...me, in these last minutes, I just want to share with you that 2010 couldn't have been better. It was simply great!

Each day a new experience:

  • I met great, no, amazing people. Some stayed, sometimes I left but I sure cherish the good memories.
  • I traveled to unknown and indescribable places, including my heart.
  • I made great dreams come true: Acting, Musical, Westerdok, Singapore, Buenos Aires...
  • I created unforgettable memories.
  • I shared some kisses. I hugged some more.
They say that laughter brings good luck...
Picture by Chiqui @ Buenos Aires - 24.12.2010

So here I leave you my best one. And wish you that 2011 becomes your best year yet!!!
Chiqui @ Buenos Aires - 24.12.2010


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