A girl walks into a bar...

Picture by Chiqui @ Chinatown - Singapore. 19.12.2010 (ft. Meterina and Skido)

"A" and my newly friend "D" are having a 'little' drink when all of a sudden a random conversation led us into philosobeer:

A: So...do you know why the chicken crossed the road?
D: If it's not to get to the other side...why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Well, because it wanted to be on the other side first before the egg!
D: Stupid but funny.


A: hey...and did you know there are more chicken in the world than human?
D: wow I never thought of that. You're always full of facts. That, I would have never guessed from you.
A: Thanks mate, but in fact....I'm just full of chit.
D: ...or beer. Cheers mate!
A: hahaha. Salud!


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