Picture and design by Chiqui - Amsterdam 10.10.2010

Literal Sunday… the ambiance speaks for itself; the joys of the living, the sounds of the simplest thoughts bouncing in the wake of my eyes while watching the nothing go by, second by second, ray by ray in a day like today… where tomorrow will be looked and longed at as yesterday; streaming in the glimpse of the shadows of nature.

Between the existence of the absurd, the ducts of hopes, the invention of some (un)explanations for a written cosmos of my own; the encounter of silly readers of anecdotes from around the globe; the curious philosophies of the details, the delightful profoundness of the strange, the stillness of the feelings, the silence of the mind, the company of endless juvenile infatuation…the everlasting scent of affection: the best dish ever served to a passionate craving soul.

I Amsterdam - (sigh) - you stole my heart...sight by sight

Chiqui -.

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