Philosophical Friday

So, after a couple of Friday morning emails back and fwd with a remote guy...
Guy (G): "What did you do to the weather? It was supposed to be cloudy."
Me (M): "I brought my Friday mood today."
G: "Explain a bit"
M: "I'm just happy. It smells like weekend everywhere."
G: "Going to any party?"
M: "Maybe some salsa."
G: "I would join but sometimes my feet don't do the things I want."
M: (ah, the double left-feeted type) "Oh, I understand. Well, you can always drink."
G: "Well, there is always a first time for everything. Don't judge before you have done it"
M: "Ah, you wanna go philosophical? Alright."
G: "Yes, I always go philosophical on Fridays. I call it the Friday's mood. Wanna join?"
M: "I would but I'm dealing with a win-win situation."
G: "Explain more about that win-win situation"
M: "I'm having a fight with myself."
G: "Ha-ha. And what is the fight about?"
M: "Two beer or not to beer."
G: "Ah, that is a simple question"

The End.

Enjoy your weekend my amigos!

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