These Are My Twisted Words...too

Since I’ve been writing a lot in the past month I will keep it short…NOT.

My reply to the people that have asked me where I have been and what I have been doing is this:

“I’ve become an aunt of two beautiful baby boys, also the proud auntie of a lovely puppy, rejected an elephant, kissed a toad, moved from office, finished a project at work, visited the vampires and wrote a novel of more than 50,000 words in one month, i.e. 30 days. Now, what have you done?”

Someone told me that numbers were not important, that it was more the substance what mattered. I’d like to believe that but since I’m an engineer and a geek, numbers are very important to me. So on my way to work I wrote this person a letter and it goes like this:

Dear friend,

I’ve been 25 for 2 times and to some people that doesn’t mean 50 but 26. I am a 36; a 38 and sometimes a 42. I hang out with 27, 44 and 30 too. I feel 25 and 36.5 but I’m definitely sure that I am 155; although some people say that 100 suit me good. In some places I am 5 and 1; and in some others 16088758. Right now I’m heading 33 but I wish to be at 4, and to be honest I am inside 167 on the 18 at 910. I’ve worn 248 and 243 but at the end I decided to go natural and stay at 003. I’ve used 212 but now I’m on #5 and I like it. Maybe in 12 I’ll be back to 2011 after 14 times here and there. It’s now 848 and I need some food.

Goodbye my friend. I know you don’t like numbers but it’s good to know that I can count on you.



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Ani Sosa said...

Andre!!! I'm trying to write a 50,000 word novel this month too. Are you signing up form NaNoWriMo?? So far llevo 20 mil palabras todavía me queda más de la mitad jeje! Gracias por tu mensajito andre, It was really nice knowing there's still people out there who read me once in a while =). Me encanta q estés escribiendo otra vez, me voy a actualizar definitivamente.

Un beso y gracias!! I love reading your stories as well.

by the way, puse la continuación a la historia que te gustó!