3 minutes with...

Picture taken @ Amsterdam, my window...someday last fall 2009
It’s raining cats and dogs
I’m stuck at work
My computer doesn’t want to work
And these are the 5 questions I asked to myself at this exact time

What if…:

…you were a song?
“I’m only happy when it rains”

…you were a fruit?
“I would definitely look like a watermelon, I would smell like pineapple, I’d have the texture of a fig and I’d definitely taste like mango………(hmm or lemon)

…you were an animal?
“I’d look like a zebra, I’d bite like a tiger, I’d eat like an elephant, I’d walk like a duck and I’d fight like a bull”

…you were a drink?
“Need I say Margarita?”

…you were a star?
“Next question please”

…you were a board game?
“I’d be...I am a Twister”

End of session…off to a meeting.

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