Something to declare...

Picture taken @ Las Ramblas, Barcelona - 15/05/2010

I like to eat. I like to drink. I like to laugh; in fact I love to laugh until my belly hurts, until I run out of air, realize how stupidly I’ve been laughing and start laughing again. I don't like to lie. I'm terrible at it. I like to act but I don't like to lie....though sometimes I do make up a lot of truths

When I like something...I show it. When I like someone...I don’t. When I feel like I'm having a lot of fun with a guy, that everything's going right, I run away and hide. Always have...I confess I'm just scared to get hurt again. I flirt a lot. I normally never mean to do it; it just happens.

I like my own space. I like my own time and my own rules. I don't like walking with shoes inside of my bathroom and I hate stepping into a wet spot wearing socks. I'm germophobic, wear gloves to do the dishes and I really hate doing the dishes, it works like kryptonite on my powers,  so I normally pile them up until I find some time/strength to do it.

I like to sing. I like to sing a lot even when I don't do it right...I enjoy singing out loud with the music at intolerable volume on a lazy morning or an early afternoon; especially if I have to do the dishes. Some days I believe I’m Janis Joplin and some others Shakira, especially when I sing in the shower (and spill the gel). I make bad jokes...and I laugh at them. I'm definitely not a morning person. I am a sex in the morning person. That'll do.

I'm a language freak and I can't stand misspellings. I believe I somehow was part of the Babel tower event...only that I hid very well; watched everything from my own corner, got hit by lighting and disappeared in a sigh. In the meanwhile, I was wandering in outer space where I met the Little Prince. I came back to Earth in 1983 and I'm still 25 although my soul is 1301 years old.

When it's raining and I'm at home and it's a Sunday and I have nothing to do...it is ok. When it's raining and I have someone to hug…it's better; it doesn't matter what day of the year it is and if I have something else to do. Hugging is always (and there is no discussion about always) priority 1. Kisses are priority 1 1/3. I like kisses. I love kissing and I adore being kissed...but hugs can definitely melt me down.

I have many (did I say many?) friends. Friends that I consider as siblings, we travel and get drunk together. We even sleep in the same bed if necessary and we're still friends....there is not such a thing as bad friends for me so I don't go with grays on this. If I like you, I like you; but I don't want to be your friend, I have too many and it would make things more complicated than what it already is. I already exceeded my friend's quota today.

I love the stars...and I wish I could see them from the Netherlands. Somehow I get marveled when I travel and I get to see them again...I probably won't tell you but when I look at them I make a wish.

...to be continued.

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