Picture taken @ MACBA in Barcelona, 16-05-2010

I don't drink coffee although I love the smell of it. I like its taste and I might steal a sip from your coffee every now and then...but it gives me too much energy...you should be aware.

I don't like people drinking from my glasses unless I offer it...it could be the reason for me throwing a drink down the drain. I don't like by any chance people using my toothbrush --> this has no exception.
When I look at my watch...wait a minute...I never use a watch...it's not that I don't like them...I just don't seem to keep them working for long time...they either stop or break. So...when I look at someone else's watch or just when I look at the time and it's something funny like 12:34 or 21:12 or 01:34 I yell "make a wish". I'm always wishing...and believe me...they do come true.

I have rules and regulations. I am moody and I become a monster if I don't eat. I probably don't announce when I'm reaching the level of 20% (80% monster, 20% human) but you'll know because I start talking only about food. When I reach a level of 5% and we're not heading to or at a restaurant/kitchen/you-name-the-place-with-food: RUN.

I’m addicted to chocolate. Dark chocolate is my favorite one… actually the darker the better.I eat cold food when I'm supposed to warm it up if I'm hungry. There is no exception; in fact, I love to eat cold pizza. Even better if it is from the day before, but this has a particularity, it has to be cold from the fridge. I actually save a little piece of my pizza when I make it or order delivery, just to put it in the fridge and eat it the following day.

I sleep on a king size bed and I only use one little space of it…right at the right end of it. The rest of the bed is always occupied by many men…in fact…many men at the same time, I barely sleep without them; the last ones sleeping on it are: Stieg Larson, Jim Morrison, Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Yann Martel…but the actual man that always lies close to my pillow is the Little Prince. I read a lot. I collect books. If I enter a library I feel like I'm in Disneyland. I can stay there for hours without complain or until my human level reaches 2%. No joke.

I'm always wondering; I lose concentration in conversations very easily and start daydreaming. I have a terrible memory and people tell me a lot of secrets. Things I don't even want to know. They still tell me so...but I forget anyways.

I don't like planning. So if I ever do...I stick to it. I don't like to set appointments with many days in advance and even less fixing a whole schedule. I like being free in the choices and always keep a secret Plan B or Z (coming from the girl with no plans).

I'm scared of knives, razors and everything that cuts. I can’t live without my iPod. It’s a him. It’s called…just iPod…and I take it to work every day and since it’s getting old I always have to carry with the cable wherever I go to charge its battery.

I sleep with the doors open....just in case the monsters under my bed come out then I have where to run...(because of course I run faster than them). Sometimes I imagine that If I'm alone at home, the worst thing would be that I get locked inside the bathroom and that I die of starvation because my music is too loud and nobody would hear me since 5000 songs in my iPod would play for a couple of days in a row...so I don't close any door.

By the way…where’s my iPod?

To be continued...

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