Mis(s) Ivies

Chiqui & Fripouille @ Eressos, Lesvos - Greece. 26.08.2010

I've seen pancakes smile at me, between 6am and a quarter to ten;
I've danced to the sound of the orange squeezer, hopping on one foot and showing my teeth;
I've felt lighter than air and softer as cotton between your arms, 
and I've glided out of them like I was made of breeze

I've seen the sand escape between my fingers and counted each grain on a glimpse;
I've felt the warm wind inside my favorite pj's sleeves;
I've smelled the salt in the air and I've dreamt of that magical place...once and again.

I've smiled in my dreams...and I've awaken next to them.
I've whispered millions of secrets to the pillows and made wishes to the stars.

I've become older and yet younger at heart.
I've lost a tear...and I've won a kiss.
I know right now...there's nothing I wouldn't miss.


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