The Science of Passion

Picture taken @ Paradiso, Amsterdam - backstage of Lleno de Flamenco - 13.06.2010

"We work in the dark - we do what we can - we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art."
Henry James

doubt = passion; if our doubt equals our passion
passion = task;  and our passion equals our task

and the rest is the madness of art

art = task + madness; the art is the sum of our tasks with madness
art - passion = madness;  which confirms that if art has no passion we're left to madness
art = doubt + passion; and that any doubt supported by passion leads to art

art = 2*doubt; no matter how much we doubt about things, it's still art
art = 2*passion; and of course with a double amount of passion

passion = 1/2 art; but even when half of the passion is art
passion = 1/2 task + 1/2 madness; there's still 50% task and 50% madness in it
doubt = 1/2 passion + 1/2 madness; and our doubts are founded in half of the passion and madness

so, by simple mathematics:
doubt = 1/2 passion + 1/2art - 1/2passion

which leads me to this conclusion:

"150% passion is half task and half art...the rest...is just a doubt. And madness...that's just a passion without the rest"

(and whatever you do, never give passion a rest)


Fabiana Isabel said...

wow complicated stuff for this time of the day :s te la curraste

Chiqui said...

Complicated is my middle name.
simple is boring...isn't it?

Gracias mi Fa.